Bath Oils 'Set of 3'

Our Collection 'Bath Oils’ have been formulated and refined following over 10 years of research, with numerous essential oils, now combined together in specific quantities covering the 3 unique Bath Oils to help maintain a healthy mind & body.

This Collection includes Calm & Tranquil, Revitalise & Energise and Muscle Rescue & Revive, our unique formula for each Bath Oil, has been refined specifically to bring you the ultimate 'me time' bath experience, which brings you spa-like aroma to help you relax, energise & soothe depending on your mood.

Each Bath Oil has a purpose in creating a healthy mind & body by aiding restful sleep, calming anxiety, boosting energy levels, soothing tired muscles, while also providing nourishment and protection for the skin, and our research has concluded that when specific essential oils are combined together in one formula, they truly can work wonders and have proven results, for your 'Mind & Body' this Set of 3 Bath Oils will give you 3 different mixes depending on your mood.

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