Why Facial Oil can benefit your skin problems


How to find a Natural Skin Care Product for Skin Problems

Facial oils re-balance, restore, and help nourish skin back to its natural state. Helping with skin concerns, and skin problems, such as wrinkles, dry skin, oily skin and breakouts, are some of the common problems, that we have focused on from the start, and we have developed our products to target each of these skin concerns.

We have found that our Facial Oils work better than a artificial night cream, which can sit on top of the skin, not allowing it to breath. Our organic Facial Oils have smaller molecules, which penetrate deep down into the skins layers, helping your skin to produce 'Natural Collagen Synthesis', which is basically collagen for the skin. Meaning when you awake each morning, your skin is plumper and smoother. Using Facial Oils as an end treatment, helps to drag your Retinols/Acids & Serums deeper into the layers of your skin, making your products work on over drive.

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Why use Facial Oils?

Contrary to popular belief, Oils are not used solely for dry skin, and neither is the use of organic skin care a modern concept. Historians speak of Cleopatra, and the Geisha's using organic Facial Oils & Cleansing Oils to maintain their flawless completions, for example:- 

Facial Oils hydrate, restore, rejuvenate & re balance your skin.

Facial Oils promote a healthy dewy glow.

Facial Oils make your skin smooth, soft and have more elasticity.

Facial Oils can promote natural collagen synthesis.

Facial Oils have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, regulating, emollient & astringent properties.  
Our Dry Skin Facial Oil contains a rich source of antioxidants and replenishing emollients, this feeds your skin with hydration and helps diminish fine lines, wrinkles, re balances skin, produces natural collagen synthesis (plumper skin) and dehydration to name only a few of the benefits. With such skin problems for dry, mature skin types, our oils have all been mixed to support and help with all the skin problems associated with having this skin type, with proven results, you will notice a different within days of use.

Our Oily/Combination Facial Oil has been carefully mixed for Oily Skin and Breakout Skin, these skin problems have been considered when preparing this Facial Oil, and we feel that selected oil which has been chosen specifically benefits this skin type. Our organic natural Facial Oils contain what we believe to be the best combination of essential oils, specifically utilising the various beneficial properties of individual oils, to deliver a combination of benefits within one product. 

For example, we use Frankincense Oil in this Oily/Combination formula, which is great for oily skin/breakouts. Its a natural astringent, and helps regulate sebum which helps remove excess oil, it also has the benefit of helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, which is always a bonus! We believe every plant has a purpose and Frankincense is no exception, this essential oil is extracted from the Boswellia Tree and originates from Africa. Another excellent oil contained within this formula is Rosemary, which we included due to its properties in helping congested pores. This oil is a great skin tonic, which will help re balance and expel nasty toxins from your skin, Rosemary belonging to the mint family of Lamiaceae. This Facial Oil has been mixed in mind for Oily/Breakout skin types which need to rebalance their Oil production, tighten pores, help breakouts, by naturally killing the bacteria and helping repair old breakouts and not allowing them to scar, which is a big skin concern when having this skin type Oily/Combination Facial Oil to find out how this Facial Oil can help your skin.

For best results, we suggest that you use our Facials Oils at night on clean/cleansed skin, our Cleansing Oils clean and unclogs your pores, removing dead skin cells. Used daily as part of your skincare routine, will leave you with balanced, hydrated silky smooth skin.