Our Story

Angel Skin Products are a small, family run, boutique online business - specialising in hand made Organic skin care to a select group of clientele, using natural essential Oils. 

As a teenager and up until my 20’s I suffered skin problems which I never complained about. I was an outgoing youth, with a large circle of friends - however I suffered quite severe acne on my face and chest, this often left me feeling depressed, angry, and frustrated. I frequently visited the doctors in the hope of finding a solution, the doctor prescribed me medication for hormonal imbalances, none of which ever worked - over time, this began to impact my confidence! 

I always believed that each plant had its own individual purpose and could be used for various health benefits. After a visit to a spice plantation in Goa, India - I was curious how plants, spices and fruits could be applied externally to the skin in the form of essentials oils.

In my late 20’s I was introduced to Organic Oils by a friend, and after being amazed by their effect on my skin after a relatively short period of time, for the next 10 years I researched and refined numerous combinations of essential Oils to suit initially my own skin type, then later various other types of skin for my friends and family. I found that certain essential Oils, when combined together in specific quantities, seemed to work together with their properties complimenting one another, and when I used daily as part of an effective daily skin care routine, this resulted in my skin problems subsiding, and eventually over time I had the complexion I only dreamed of as a teenager. 

My essential Oils leaked into my suitcase a few years back when we went on holiday to Greece, I had no access to my Oils for two weeks. Sure enough, my skin problems partly returned during this time - so I know my Oils are effective, and my skin problems have not just naturally disappeared over time. 

I don’t hold any PHD’s in skin science, I am however qualified by my own personal experience of skin care using essential Oils. I am unable to describe specifically why my unique essential Oil formulas are effective at vastly improving complexions of various skin types. It might be the inclusion of relatively expensive lesser known essential Oil’s, well known throughout history for their traditional healing, anti-ageing, antibacterial, and antiflammatory properties - like Helichrysum or Argan Oil for example. Or it might be that Organic Facial Oils have smaller molecular molecules than artificial products, helping to penetrate and protect the skin far deeper and promote healthy skin regeneration. I know that the specific quantities of Oils I use, has a huge impact on the end result, as I have been refining my formulae for 10 years and I know that other combinations, whilst working to a lesser degree, were never quite as potent as my current formulae. I know for sure that my specific essential Oil combinations work.

We have sourced the best carrier & essential oils from around the world from suppliers who are truly certified 100% organic. With my research and hands on experience, combined with my suppliers 100% organic oils, I have handmade something incredibly special, and I would now like to share my products with you.

We don’t want chemicals in our food and water, so why would our skin care be any different. We can guarantee a natural product and can also guarantee no chemicals, fragrances, animal derivatives, artificial colourants, or petroleum are ever added. Angel Skin Products contain 100% natural organic oil, handmade with a little bit of love in every bottle. 

I hope you enjoy using our products as much as we have enjoyed making them!