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Introducing Angel Skin Products Hair Oil for dry damaged hair treatment. This formula has been carefully mixed with various organic natural oils, to create what we believe to be the perfect combination for all hair types, and the perfect pre wash hair oil for dry damaged hair treatment.

Our organic oils contain a rich source of antioxidants, strengthening proteins and shine enhancing vitamins, which feeds your hair by nourishing, detangling and leaves a beautiful shine.

Our organic Hair Oil for dry damaged hair treatment contains what we believe to be the best hair oil for dry damaged hair combination of essential oils, specifically utilising the various healing properties of individual oils, to deliver a combination of benefits within one product. Our unique blend has been carefully chosen to help with the known problems associated with all hair types and expectations from a Hair Oil for dry damaged hair treatment.

We believe every plant has a natural purpose, for example we use Argan & Almond Oils which are both enriched in Vitamin E. This helps nourish dry hair, repair, rejuvenates, smooths and eliminates fizz. We also added some essential oils with amazing properties for your hair, including Rosemary which protects your scalp and hair follicles by stimulating the roots and increasing circulation to the scalp, which promotes a healthy scalp and hair growth. We also added Lavender which helps to deep condition, and promotes a healthy shine.

This pre wash Hair Oil for dry damaged hair treatment, how does it work and why should we use it, its very simply, natural organic oils are very similar to our sebum, which is your hairs own natural moisturiser, when washing your hair, you remove some of the sebum, this can lead to dry brittle hair , breakages etc. because we are washing away the hairs natural moisturiser, and that moisturiser also what helps keep water out, as your hair contracts while being washed & drier this is known as Hydral Fatigue which basically leads to your hair becoming weak, dry & prone to breakages. 

So, why do we use a pre-shampoo dry damaged hair treatment, the Hair Oil treatment adds oils back into your hair/scalp, as the extra moisture gained from the Hair Oil treatment reduces the amount of water your hair soaks up while washing and when drying your hair, it will actually dry faster, due to being well moisturised. You will notice your hair is softer, shinier, thicker just after 1 use. You need to take your time while carrying out the Hair Oil treatment, allow 4-8 hours before washing, allowing the Hair Oil for dry damaged hair treatment to do its job on your dry locks.

Main Benefits:-
Rich in antioxidants.
Strengthening proteins and shine enhancing vitamins.
Hair Oil will nourish, detangle and leave a beautiful shine.
Noticeable thicker and stronger hair after each use.
Best hair oil for dry damaged hair.

Use once per week and comb hair to remove any knots. Apply Hair Oil treatment to dry hair, evenly throughout and massage into scalp. Cover your head with shower cap, and leave Hair Oil to work for around 4-8 hours or as a overnight treatment. After this time, you will need to completely wash through and condition hair. Once blow dried you will notice thicker, stronger, nourished hair with a beautiful healthy shine.

Avoid contact with eyes. If irritation occurs rinse immediately, patch test 24hrs before use. For external use only.  

Why Buy Angel Skin Products?

I always believed that each plant had its own individual purpose and could be used to achieve various benefits. After a visit to a spice plantation in Goa, India - I was curious how plants, spices and fruits could be applied externally to the skin in the form of essentials oils.

In my late 20’s I was introduced to Organic Oils, and after being amazed by their effect on my skin after a relatively short period of time, over the next 10 years I researched and refined numerous combinations of essential Oils to suit initially my own skin type, then later various other types of skin for friends and family. I found that certain Oils, when combined in specific quantities, worked effectively together, with their properties complimenting one another - and when used daily as part of an effective daily skin care routine, this resulted in my skin problems subsiding, and eventually over time I had the complexion I only dreamed of as a teenager. 

The inclusion of relatively expensive, lesser-known essential Oil’s within my products, well known throughout history for their traditional healing, anti-ageing, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties – (like Argan or Rosemary Oil for example), I am in no doubt are instrumental in the effectiveness of my products. Organic Facial Oils also have smaller molecular molecules than artificial products, helping to penetrate and protect the skin far deeper and promote healthy skin regeneration.

I have sourced what I believe to be the best carrier & essential oils from around the world, from suppliers who are truly certified 100% organic. With my research and hands on experience, combined with my 100% organic oils, I have handmade something incredibly special, and I love to share my products with you.

I hope you enjoy using my products as much as we have enjoyed making them!

Argan, Almond, Ylang Ylang, Rosemary, Vanilla, Lavender, Chamomile Oils.
**Caution if pregnant, please consult with a health profession before using this product**
**Allergy Warning Contains Nut Oil (Hazelnut) Oil**
50ml clear glass bottle with plastic pump, all packaging can be recycled. 

Customer Reviews

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Sue Ramsey
Hair oil

Wow completely tames my frizz. Love it!

Niamh Tatton

Bought this at a local christmas market and was unsure how i would like it due to having curly hair but this hair oil is amazing!! has helped with previous heat damage i have and also helps my curls be more hydrated and improve my curl pattern. I have used this on my girlfriend’s hair as well and she also loves it! it makes her hair so much stronger and in combination to hair masks we have both seen a significant improvement in our hair. could not recommend it enough!!

Christine Garnet
Hair oil

This amazing oil has rescued my hair. It was dry frizzy and lifeless. No other products had any effect on hair and now it is manageable and in so much better condition

Absolutely Amazing!!

We purchased the hair oil, at a market at the weekend and we spoke to Tara about the problems myself and my husband had with our hair. She was so kind and gave us the most amazing advice about the oil when asked, she explained how and whats it is made out of and gave us some instructions on what she does for the best results. So we got home and obviously had to use it for the first time..... WOW!!
I applied mine at night and slept in the oil and once i woke i thoroughly washed my hair as instructed and my hair has NEVER felt, looked (split ends are not as visible), had no frizz or had the shine it has today ever i am absolutely amazed by it and cannot wait for the next treatment n especially as normally hair wash day is dreaded for me with how thick an frizzy it can be.
My husband also used the oil and he has wirey curly hair and its never felt smooth no matter what he tried and he applied this and washed it out 2 hours later and his hair looks, and feels amazing. Even this morning he has said how nice his hair feels...We cannot wait to see what further treatments do to our hair and will 100% be purchasing again!!

Jodie - Angel Skin Oil LOVER

Ok, I know this is for hair and I LOVE it as a treatment and also use it to run through my hair after a Blowdry to smooth and it makes my hair looks super healthy and shiny ✨ I also use it on my face, I’m not sure if this is against the rules BUT my skin is loving it - can not recommend enough and the smell is DEVINE…..!!!!