Hair Treatment Oil 'Strength & Shine'

Our Organic Hair Oil Treatment 'Strengthen & Shine formula for 'All Hair Types' has been formulated and refined following 10 years of research, with numerous essential oils now combined together in specific quantities for all hair types.
Our organic oils contain a rich source of antioxidants, strengthening proteins and shine enhancing vitamins, this feeds your hair and leaves it nourished, detangled and with a beautiful shine. 

This Collection contains what we believe to be the best combination of essential oils, specifically utilising the various healing properties of individual oils, to deliver a combination of benefits within one product. Our unique blend has been carefully chosen to help with the known problems associated with all hair types and expectations from a Hair Oil Treatment.

We believe every plant has a natural purpose, for example we use Argan & Almond Oils which are both enriched in Vitamin E & B7 which repairs, by locking moisture into the hair shaft. This helps nourish dry hair, repairs, rejuvenates, smooths and eliminates fizz.

Almond Oil also helps protect your hair from sun damage. We also added some essential oils which have amazing properties, including Rosemary which protects your scalp and hair follicles by stimulating the roots and increasing circulation to the scalp, which promotes a healthy scalp and hair growth. We also added Lavender which helps to deep condition, and promotes a healthy shine. Chamomile benefits are hair growth and restoring oil balance.

Hair Oil Treatment
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