'Exclusive' Facial Oils

This Collection is available for bespoke skin types / skin problems, whereby we produce 'Custom' Oils to suit specific skin problems. Available to buy through our ‘Exclusive’ range, this range is for clients who wish to take their skins rejuvenation to the next level! 
For clients who wish to target specific skin problems, our Exclusive formula will be refined specifically to restore, re-balance, rejuvenate, nourish and target specific skin problems, our clients articulate to us, we then focus specifically on the individual properties of each individual oil, when mixing their unique formula.

When our Facial Oils are incorporated in to your skincare routine, they will help restore your skin back to its natural complexion, with a natural glow. Each oil within the 'Exclusive' Facial Oil has a purpose in creating a beautiful plump, smooth, glowing complexion, and our research has concluded that, when specific Essential Oils are combined together in our Exclusive formula, it truly can work wonders on your skin.
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