Cleansing Oil for Dry Skin

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Introducing Angel Skin Products Cleansing Oil for Dry Skin. This formula has been carefully mixed with various organic natural oils, to create what we believe to be the perfect combination for Dry skin types, or if you need a slightly heavier oil to cleanse. 
Our Cleansing Oils help remove make up and dirt daily, while nourishing and hydrating your skin. Our chemical free formula is non-drying, leaving supple soft skin. Our Cleanser Oils cleans and unclogs your pores, removing dead skin cells. This soothe formula helps calm dry skin, used daily as part of your skincare routine, will leave you with balanced, hydrated silky smooth skin.

Our Cleansing Oils contain what we believe to be the best combination of essential oils, specifically utilising the various healing properties of individual oils, to deliver a combination of benefits within one product. Our unique blend has been carefully chosen to help with the known problems associated with Dry skin types and expectations from a Cleansing Oil.

We believe every plant has a natural purpose, for example we use Almond Oil in our Dry skin cleanser, Almond Oil is a natural hydrator this is ideal for people with dry skin as it helps calm dry skin and is bursting with hydration. Almond Oil is rich in Vitamins D & E and various minerals that help soothe, protect the skin from UV damage and restore the skin moisture barrier. The essential oils within this formula have been specifically selected for their unique properties, such as Rosemary which hydrates the skin. This helps to control oil production, It also provides an antibacterial surface for the skin. Grapefruit essential oil has antiseptic qualities, helping to clean and clear your skin, this oil also absorbs unwanted oils, balancing skin tone and complexion.

Main Benefits:-
Cleansing Oil for Dry skin types.
Helps balance oil production.
Gently removes makeup & dirt, while nourishing and hydrating.
Leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.
Chemical Free, non-drying, leaving the skin supple and soft.
Cleans pores, unclogs and removes dead skin cells.
Soothes Dry Skin, & restores skins moisture barrier.

We recommend that you cleanse daily, morning & night. Gently massage onto the face in a circular movement until makeup/dirt is sufficiently melted. Wash off with soap/face wash and water.

Avoid contact with eyes. If irritation occurs rinse immediately, patch test 24hrs before use. For external use only. 

Rosehip, Almond, Rosemary, Grapefruit & Lavender Oils

**Allergy Warning Contains Nut Oil**

**Caution if pregnant, please consult with a health profession before using this product**

100ml clear plastic bottle with plastic cap, all packaging can be recycled. 

Customer Reviews

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Alison B
Lovely cleansing oil

Really nice cleansing oil I bought the facial moisture oil at living north Christmas fayre and I was that impressed I thought I’d try the cleansing oil I was not disappointed

Denise Rigg
Wonderful Cleanser

I have been using this for over a week and it leaves my skin soft and glowing. I will definitely be buying again.